Note that many events have been cancelled or changed to an online venue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not everyone has had time to touch base with us and let us know the status of their event. Stay safe out there!

Event Calendar

Date Title Location
04/06/2020 Guns & Public Health Twitter Chat DC
04/06/2020 Lecture: Adverse Childhood Experiences - Why it Matters to Everyone WV
04/06/2020 Suicide Awareness Seminar presented by Cassidy Joined for Hope Foundation TX
04/06/2020 Public Health Education and Health Promotion Virtual Social - Social Connection and Self-Care CA
04/07/2020 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Public Health NY
04/07/2020 Maternal and Child Health Issues Across the Globe NE
04/07/2020 Public Health Advocacy Talks "PHATalks" CO
04/07/2020 Beyond Infectious Disease: Unleashing the Power of Public Health to Achieve Health Equity, A Webinar to Explore Cross-Sector Career and Research Opportunities DE
04/07/2020 Webinar: Mobilizing Action for Climate, Health, and Equity DC
04/07/2020 Communicating about Climate Change: A Health Perspective DC
04/08/2020 Publication: Police and Forensic Psychological Practitioner Collaborations for Mental Health Responses: Risk Assessment Paradigm NE
04/08/2020 Shelby County Health Department Violent Prevention HealthTalk TN
04/08/2020 EPA Food Waste: Reduce Your Eco Footprint LA
04/08/2020 Gun Violence in SC Forum SC
04/08/2020 NPHW Twitter Chat DC
04/08/2020 Tamarkoz Mind Relaxation: Finding Peace Within IL
04/08/2020 Stop the Bleed + Opioid Awareness TX
04/08/2020 Delta Omega Public Health Career Panel NY
04/09/2020 A Conversation on Climate Change NE
04/09/2020 Balancing our Internal Environment with the Tamarkoz Method CA
04/09/2020 Public Health Grand Rounds Special Presentation: Vera House NY
04/09/2020 Global Responses to Covid-19 ND
04/09/2020 Building the Public Health System of the Future MA
04/09/2020 AzPHA Member Social- Celebrate NPHW! AZ
04/10/2020 Epidemiology Q&A NE
04/10/2020 Culture of Data conference - Health in All Data: Redefining Approaches to Health Equity CO
04/10/2020 Improving Student Health: Techniques that Enhance Focus, and Decrease Stress CA
04/10/2020 Climate Change, Mental Health and Eco-Anxiety: How the Global Pandemic Can Help Us Prepare OR
04/11/2020 Healthy Housing is a Social Determinant of Health NE
04/11/2020 Creating Community Through Movement NM
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