A Communication Called Bullying

This course examines the phenomenon of “bullying” through the lens of communication. Children who are bullied are more likely to drop out of school, have lower academic achievement, and are at greater risk of experiencing anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideology—effects that can persist into adulthood. Children who report using bullying behaviors are over three times as likely to have multiple criminal convictions by their early twenties.
What is being communicated by those labeled “bully” and “victim”? How do we respond? Can our responses become more effective if our listening is more attuned to the communication being delivered?
Participants have the opportunity to redefine the context around bullying, shifting the focus from reacting to examining and addressing bullying at its source. This course includes leading research by top bullying experts in the U.S., and first-hand narratives from those personal impacted. You will leave this course with a new paradigm for bullying that can open a pathway toward win/win lasting solutions, not quick fixes. You will also have access to engaging local community resources on bullying prevention.


Start Date/Time:
Apr 02, 2019 10:00AM

End Date/Time:
Apr 02, 2019 12:00PM

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Florida International University - Modesto Madique Campus in room Mango Building 220

11200 SW 8th St
Miami , FL 33174


Christie Kirchoff

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