APHA's Billion Steps Challenge — Manually Enter Your Steps

If you don't have a step-counting device, you can use the MoveSpring website to manually enter your steps. 

Option 1: Sign in to your account on the MoveSpring website

1. Select the Manually edit option below the section in Today's Activity.

screen shot of manually editing steps on MoveSpring app

2. Click the Edit icon next to the date you would like to edit.

screenshot of how to choose a date for entering steps manually on MoveSpring app or online

3. Enter your steps, distance and active minutes data.

screenshot of how to enter steps, distance and active minutes on MoveSpring

4. Save

Option 2: Add steps using the mobile app

  1. Tap the text underneath your step count.
  2. Tap the edit icon next to the date you want to add activity.
  3. Enter your steps, distance and active minutes data.
  4. Save.

two phone screens showing ho to enter steps on MoveSpring

Estimate your steps without a counting device

You can use an estimate of how far you walk in miles (or fractions of a mile) and calculate the steps. If you don't know the exact distance, just use your best estimate. For example, a typical person walks at a pace of three miles an hour, and people typically take 2,000 steps per mile. So a typical day's estimate could be:

Leisure steps:
15 minutes, walk the dog
10 minutes, walk on a daily commute
15 minutes, walk with a colleague at work

Total: 40 minutes or 2 miles

Exercise steps:
3 miles during a workout on the elliptical machine at the gym

Total for the day: 5 miles
Total steps: 5 x 2,000 = 10,000 steps

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