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Reaching 1 billion steps is a big challenge, and we need teams of every shape and size to get there. Our partnership with Stridekick allows us to accommodate huge organizations with thousands of people right alongside those two or three co-workers that make up your lunchtime walking group.

Step 1: Decide what kind of team to create
We expect to have many of the traditional teams such as APHA state affiliates, APHA Sections, college alumni groups, companies and public health departments. We also encourage groups of friends or families — Susan’s Striders, Walking Dead watchers, Indiana Pacers fans or Liverpool supporters (never walk alone) are all welcome.

Step 2: Create your team in Stridekick
Simply log in to Stridekick and click the "start a team" button. All you need to do is pick a team name. You also have the option to upload a team image.

Step 3: Invite people to join
Use the "team info" button to open your team on Stridekick and click the "share" button. Stridekick lets you recruit team members right from their platform with twitter, facebook and email. Stridekick gives you a unique URL for your team, but you may want to guide people to instead so they can get information on the goals of the overall APHA challenge as well as see options to either synch their device or enter steps manually.

Step 4: Get your team moving
Now that you have a team, it’s time to start counting steps. Think about what motivates your group.

  • Set a goal for your team’s total steps, like walking across your state, or walking to Atlanta (site of APHA’s 2017 Annual Meeting).
  • Go streaking: walk 10,000 or more steps for 30 days.
  • Give a small prize to the top walker on your team each week or month.
  • Challenge another department or a similar organization to a competition.

It can also be as simple as setting a time and place for your group to walk on a regular basis. Frequent communication and encouragement will also help keep your team on the right path.

Go the extra mile
While our platform will be open from Jan. 9 – April 9, it can also be great for one-time happenings. Hold a one-day walk for your community, have a walking competition for your organization at your annual meeting or host a challenge around a theme week. APHA and Stridekick give you the platform and resources you need. Be sure to look at the NPHW toolkit for great tips on putting together an event and get sample promotional materials in our promotion toolkit. If you are already hosting a walking event using another platform, we can let you count your steps in APHA’s challenge as well. Together we can walk 1 Billion Steps by April 9!

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