Communications Toolkit

We’re only a few weeks away from National Public Health Week! This communications toolkit for PR and communications coordinators includes dozens of turn-key social media posts, graphics, and planning tools to help you be part of the conversation and promote your own activities. Thank you for celebrating NPHW with us!

NPHW Major Moments

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Promoting your local NPHW event

Want to make a splash with your local NPHW event or activity?

  1. Post about it on social media. Use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread the word. Need some help? Check out our Social Media 101 training.
  2. Add your event to the official NPHW calendar.
  3. Let your community know by issuing a press release, telling your local newspaper about the event and asking other public health organizations to spread the word.
  4. Check out these tips on pitching your event to local media and even more ideas for spreading the word on social media.

Social Media

Social media is the easiest way to join in the conversation and get others excited about NPHW. Not on social media yet? Watch our Social Media 101 training and get your accounts ready now. For more experienced tweeters, we'll host a Social Media 201 training for NPHW on March 21.

Get your audiences excited about NPHW ahead of time with these social media posts:

  • Are you ready for National Public Health Week? Celebrate with us April 2-8: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Want to get involved in National Public Health Week but don't know where to start? Check out the official calendar: #NPHW @NPHW

Post about the NPHW daily themes starting April 2:

  • The wait is over: NPHW is here! Monday's theme is behavioral health: how can we all advocate for and promote behavioral well being? #NPHW Learn more: @NPHW
  • It's National Public Health Week! Tuesday's theme is communicable diseases. Learn how to prevent disease transmission and be part of the solution: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Wednesday's NPHW theme is environmental health. How can we protect and maintain a healthy planet? #NPHW @NPHW
  • It’s National Public Health Week! Today’s theme is injury and violence prevention. From firearm violence to workplace safety, we all have a role to play in reducing injury and violence. Learn more: #NPHW @NPHW
  • It's the last day of National Public Health Week! How can we promote public health year-round? By remaining committed to ensuring the right to health for EVERYONE! Learn more: #NPHW @NPHW

Share the most relevant NPHW factsheets with your audiences:

  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on building healthy communities: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on helping everyone graduate from high school: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on increasing economic mobility: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on achieving social justice and health equity: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on giving everyone a choice of safe, healthy food: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on preparing for the effects of climate change: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on making the healthy choice the easy choice: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on providing quality health care for everyone: #NPHW @NPHW
  • Check out this National Public Health Week factsheet on strengthening public health infrastructure and capacity: #NPHW @NPHW

 Encourage others to tune in to the Surgeon General’s speech kicking off NPHW:

  • Are you signed up to watch U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adam’s speech at the #NPHW Forum kickoff event on April 2? Register here! Livestream or in-person. @NPHW
  • The NPHW Forum event will be livestreamed across the country April 2, featuring a speech from the U. S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams! Sign up here to tune in: @NPHW

Graphics and shareables

Be sure to take advantage of our full collection of NPHW logos and social media graphics.

Questions? Need more info? Contact us.

Join the Movement

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3. TAKE ACTION - Take one small step each day for a healthier life.
4. ATTEND AN EVENT - Join your community to celebrate NPHW.
5. STEP IT UP - Join the 1 Billion Steps Challenge. Let's get everyone moving!

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