Help Promote National Public Health Week

NPHW is a great opportunity to raise awareness about your organization and public health!

Promoting Your Event and NPHW on Social Media

Social media is the easiest way to join in the conversation and get others excited about NPHW. Not on social media yet? Check out the recorded Social Media 101 and Social Media 201 training videos and get your accounts ready now. 

Whether you’re planning to participate in or host an event, online or offline, you can enhance your engagement with NPHW by using Facebook and Twitter.

To help bring attention to your NPHW activities and the importance of public health, you can:

  • Follow @NPHW across all your organizational and staff accounts!
  • Actively favorite and retweet tweets posted by @NPHW.
  • Use the official NPHW hashtag, #NPHW, in your tweets so you tweets show up when someone searches for more about NPHW!
  • Like and engage with people who post about your NPHW event or your organization!
  • Spend time in the lead-up to NPHW — as well each day during NPHW — engaging with other people and groups using #NPHW.
  • Tweet multiple times leading up to NPHW to build anticipation, and tweet 2-4 times daily during NPHW (or more!).
  • Post to Facebook 1-3 times per day during NPHW — Facebook's algorithm favors pages and profiles that are more active.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on social media! Engage in a two-way conversation on ALL platforms by liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting and addressing any comments or questions that people make on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Use the Facebook Event Page to organize your event, invite people and post reminders and updates.
  • Boost posts promoting your event for $25-$50 on Facebook, which can help target audiences you want to participate.
  • Share photos with your supporters and other public health groups on Flickr or Instagram.
  • Share your Flickr album with news reporters so they can browse through available NPHW photos they may want to publish alongside their coverage.
  • Use Instagram to capture compelling moments during NPHW and be sure to engage with other people using the #NPHW tag on Instagram by liking and commenting on their posts.

Promoting Your Event to Media

The same best practices apply whether you’re pitching print, TV, radio or online media:

  • Send a pitch email with a news release or media advisory at least a week before your event. Many journalists are on tight deadlines and may have to file a story about your event the same day it takes place — but giving plenty of advance notice gives reporters time to gather information and arrange interviews before the event and helps them meet their quick deadlines. 
  • After you send your pitch, follow up with a phone call. For print journalists, call during the middle of the day, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., to avoid calling when they’re on deadline. For radio, call between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. or after 10 a.m. to reach reporters before and after their morning drive-time shows. Offer to answer questions and provide reporters with more information!
  • If you get an editor or reporter on the phone, explain your event’s purpose, what makes your point of view newsworthy and why what you’re calling them about is relevant to their audience. Why should their publication or program care about NPHW? What sets your event or program apart from the rest of what is going on in your community? How does your event offer solutions to pressing health problems in your community? How is your event relevant to the day's top political news?
  • Follow up to remind media about your event a few days before.
  • For TV and radio, be sure to follow up again the morning of your event, before 8:30 a.m.!

If a story about your NPHW event is published or broadcast, please let us know. Send an email or link to If possible, send news clippings to us at Communications, American Public Health Association, 800 I Street NW, Washington, DC 20001.

Local NPHW Event Promotion Checklist: 

  1. Post about it on social media. Use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread the word far and wide. Need some help? Check out the recorded Social Media 101 and Social Media 201 training videos and get your accounts ready now.
  2. Add your event to the official NPHW calendar at
  3. Let your community know by issuing a press release, calling your local newspaper and telling them about the event and telling other public health organizations to spread the word.
  4. Check out our tips on pitching your event: