Presidential NPHW Proclamation

The field of public health is grounded in the fundamental truth that we are all in this together — that our health is connected and we are stronger as a Nation when we work together to lift everyone’s well-being.  During National Public Health Week, we celebrate the life-saving work that our public health professionals do to keep Americans healthy and safe.

All of America has seen the importance of public health during the past 3 years.  The pandemic shut down our businesses, closed our schools, and robbed us of so much, including the lives of over one million Americans.  While the virus is not gone, we have made enormous progress, and it no longer controls our lives.  More than 230 million Americans are fully vaccinated.  COVID deaths are down more than 90 percent.  Schools and businesses are open and thriving.  And these gains are thanks in large part to the absolute courage and commitment of everyone who contributes to protecting our public health — including first responders and social workers, scientists and researchers, doctors and nurses, and so many others.

Public health professionals have been shaping our country for the better since long before COVID arose.  From expanding access to immunizations and improving safety standards for food, traffic, and the workplace, to advocating for cleaner air and water, public health professionals have improved the lives of all Americans and made our country stronger, healthier, and more prosperous.

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