APHA's Keep It Moving Challenge — Log Your Steps or Activity

No device? No problem! You can manually enter your steps or activity for each day via the Walker Tracker app or website. The Walker Tracker platform makes it easy to count the movement you do every day, whether it’s swimming, using a wheelchair or any number of Americans with Disabilities Act recommended activities. It’s just a few screens to make sure the Keep It Moving Challenge is accessible to everybody and every body! 


four screenshots of Walker Tracker App showing how to log activity



Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage to log activity

Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage and how to choose an activity to log

Estimate your movement without a counting device

You can use an estimate of how far you move in miles (or fractions of a mile) and calculate the steps. If you don't know the exact distance, just use your best estimate. For example, at a pace of three miles an hour, people typically take 2,000 steps per mile. So a day's estimate could be:

Leisure steps:
15 minutes, walk the dog
10 minutes, walk on a daily commute
15 minutes, walk with a colleague at work

Total: 40 minutes or 2 miles

Exercise steps:
3 miles during a workout on the elliptical machine at the gym

Total for the day: 5 miles
Total steps: 5 x 2,000 = 10,000 steps