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Public health needs to take a fresh approach — one rooted in fairness and inclusivity. Picture this: a world where equity isn't just a buzzword, but a guiding principle. Communities are at the heart of decision-making and actively shaping their health, not sidelined. Public health's future is all about teaming up — joining forces with unexpected partners from different sectors and centering community voices. This future is about tearing down barriers, not just fixing problems but preventing them altogether. It's making sure every person has access to the support and care they need for a healthier life.

Who can make a difference in the future of public health?


Speak for health. Use your voice to advocate for policies that prioritize community well-being. Educate others about public health issues and get in touch with your lawmakers to enact change. APHA’s action alerts make it easy to send messages to your elected officials to tell them about the issues that matter to you.

Join community organizations. Getting involved with community organizations allows you to contribute to initiatives that promote health equity at the local level. For example, participating in a mutual aid network might involve sharing resources within the community during tough times, building a strong support system. This active participation helps create a healthier future where local communities have collective power, ensuring everyone's well-being.


Make information accessible. Health information should be easy for everyone to understand. Community groups can share resources in multiple languages and avoid jargon so everyone can access and grasp important health information.

Support good public health policies. Communities can champion proactive public health policies by organizing advocacy campaigns, gathering community input and directly engaging with policymakers to ensure these policies address specific local needs and priorities.


Fund community organizations and health departments. Consistent, long-term funding for community organizations and health departments is vital. Establish reliable funding mechanisms and grants to ensure ongoing support for critical public health initiatives and services.

Declare racism as a public health crisis. Recognizing racism as a public health crisis is a necessary step. Acknowledging systemic issues and taking targeted action to dismantle health disparities rooted in racial injustice is crucial.


Invest in the public health infrastructure. Building a solid health infrastructure is like laying a strong foundation for a house. Strong systems and sustained, equitable funding support the health and well-being of everyone in the country.

Building cross-sectoral partnerships. To achieve the equitable, sustainable public health system we all want, we need broad participation. Public health, health care, grassroots organizers, faith-based communities, business, philanthropy, law, education and government — all of us have a stake in public health’s future. Let's actively bring in non-traditional partners to join forces for a more inclusive and effective public health future.

International Leaders

Create global health partnerships. Countries working together can ensure a future of better health and well-being for all people everywhere. Partnerships connect knowledge, ideas and resources to bring the changes we want to see such as preventing infectious disease outbreaks and delivering vaccines and supplies.

Support efforts to prepare for global pandemics and emergencies. Training more people globally can help prevent, detect and tackle public health threats. By increasing and improving how we test, monitor and report on significant global health incidents, all countries can work cooperatively to save lives and bring improved health outcomes to everyone.

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