NPHW 2022 Daily Themes

Racism and Community
Centering marginalized communities in decisions surrounding budget and policy creates opportunities and ensures equity

Racism, Accessibility and Public Health Workforce
Cultural competence and humility can remove barriers to obtaining health care and other community services

Public Health Workforce, Community and Climate Change
Climate disaster preparedness builds resilience and reduces the impacts on people and communities

Public Health Workforce and World Health Day
Investing in public health programming and infrastructure offers greater protection of our human right to health

World Health Day and Accessibility
Access to timely, affordable health services lead to greater life expectancy and increased quality of life

Accessibility, Public Health Workforce, Community and Racism
Boosting education levels in marginalized communities of color increases representation, workforce advocacy and health literacy

Accessibility and Climate Change
Creating green spaces in marginalized neighborhoods reduces the urban heat island effect and improves air quality

Climate Change and World Health Day
Climate change events lead to high rates of illness, injuries or death, especially in marginalized populations

Climate Change, Community and Racism
Climate gentrification in marginalized communities reduces access to safe, affordable housing

Community, Public Health Workforce and Accessibility
Effective and efficient safety measures require building trust in the public health workforce to protect access to services and care

Community and Mental Wellness
Community support leads to better individual stress response

Community and Mental Wellness
More accessible mental wellness programs in communities can reduce tobacco use and homelessness

Mental Wellness and Public Health Workforce
Including mental health promotion in prevention care strategies improves policymaking and community programs

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