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It's the biggest public health conversation of the year! Join us for an hour of collaboration and conversation with hundreds of public health organizations and leaders. Follow us at #NPHWChat. RSVP to receive updates and reminders.

#NPHWChat questions:
Q1 Civic engagement is a cornerstone of public health. How can we actively participate in shaping health policies and priorities in our communities? #NPHWChat #NPHW #PublicHealth
Q2 Students are the future of public health. How can academic institutions and organizations better support students in pursuing careers and making an impact in public health? #NPHWChat #NPHW #PublicHealth
Q3 Community-led initiatives drive change. What are some examples of grassroots efforts that have significantly improved public health outcomes in your community? #NPHWChat #NPHW #PublicHealth
Q4 New tools and innovations play a role in advancing public health. What emerging technologies do you see making a positive impact in the field of public health? #NPHWChat #NPHW #PublicHealth
Q5 Our @GetReady program teaches people how to better prepare themselves, their homes, their families and their communities for disasters. What’s one important tool you recommend to help people stay healthy and safe? #NPHWChat #NPHW #PublicHealth
Q6 Health equity is a fundamental right. Ensuring equitable access to health and healthcare, regardless of race, income, or zip code, is necessary for thriving communities. What are you doing in your community to prioritize equity in the public’s health? #NPHWChat #PublicHealth
Q7 At the end of #NPHW, we’re looking to the future! Who inspires you and your public health work or journey? #NPHWChat #PublicHealth


Start Date/Time:
Apr 03, 2024 2:00PM

End Date/Time:
Apr 03, 2024 3:00PM

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