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Students are the backbone of National Public Health Week. They help raise awareness about the value of public health and our collective work to create a healthier nation. They also offer fresh perspectives to address evolving public health challenges. Whether you’re on campus, online or at home, you can be a student leader for health. If you have limited time or capacity to engage in NPHW this year, this toolkit provides ideas on how you can plan and host your own events and promote public health:


  • Easy: Create a team with your class, club or peers and participate in APHA’s Keep It Moving Challenge. Dedicate a spot on campus for folks to meet and get their steps in on a weekly basis (e.g., do yoga at a park, meet at your local gym, or jog around campus).
  • Medium: Connect with your campus health center to provide culturally relevant and appropriate public health tools (e.g. pamphlets on STD testing, how to access mental health services or where to find local food pantries) for students, staff and faculty. Encourage staff, faculty and student organizations to share NPHW shareables and factsheets on social media or through newsletters.
  • Hard: Plan events to educate and empower people on your campus to protect health. Host a training on how to use Narcan or for CPR certification, or collaborate with your peers and campus organizations to host a blood drive.


  • Easy: Send an APHA action alert to your federal policymakers to show support for health issues important to you, such as women’s health and climate change. You can send the action alerts to your peers to make an even bigger impact.
  • Medium: Host a virtual book club. Read one of the books recommended by APHA staff during NPHW. Meet virtually with friends and/or classmates to discuss your chosen book and share reflections.
  • Hard: Host a virtual fundraiser to support NPHW. Share the link to the NPHW PayPal to make donating easy. Supporting NPHW means APHA can provide even more tools, resources and events during this week.


  • Easy: Participate in and promote NPHW’s Student Day on Tuesday, April 2. APHA hosts an early career professionals’ panel to offer advice to current students, recent graduates and young public health leaders. Learn more about the steps you should take as you near graduation and how to navigate working in the field of public health. This event is FREE to attend!
  • Medium: Reach out to your state public health association or visit their website. Learn more about their NPHW activities and assess how you can contribute and/or participate. Don’t forget to ask about the benefits of becoming a student member of your state public health association if you aren’t already one!
  • Hard: Host a watch party with friends or family for a film related to one of the daily themes. APHA staff favorites include Before the Flood (2016), I Am Greta (2020) and Selma (2014).

Find and join other events near you on the NPHW calendar

Get Involved in APHA's Student Assembly

APHA's Student Assembly is the nation’s largest student-led organization dedicated to furthering the development of education and opportunities for students, the next generation of professionals in public health and health-related disciplines. The Student Assembly represents and serves students of public health and other health-related disciplines by connecting individuals who are interested in working together on public health and student-related issues. The Student Assembly is available to all current APHA Student Members.

Within APHA’s Student Assembly lies the Campus Liaison Committee. CLs act as representatives of the Student Assembly on their campus, promote public health and encourage peers to get involved. CLs are responsible for hosting 4 campus events throughout the entire year and requires roughly 2 hours per week. These events can be in-person or virtual. Online schools and programs can also have CLs.

Apply today to get more involved with APHA! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If have questions or want to learn more about the CL position, please email and include your name, contact email, and school.

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